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Ceramic Insulating Interior Paint

Hy-Tech  produces high quality ceramic insulating interior paint products. Hy-Tech interior insulating paint products provide the ultimate in product performance and ease of application.

* Environmentally friendly *Mildew and ultraviolet resistant *High washable *Easy touch up *Low Odor *Easy to Apply, Long Lasting AND They INSULATE!
  • Radiant Barrier Paint:  Barrier Coat #85 is a Radiant Heat, Vapor Barrier Coating. Metallic Aluminum Pigment and Insulating Ceramics make Barrier Coat an ideal attic radiant barrier coating and water vapor barrier coating for walls, ceilings, floors and crawl space.

  • Insulating Flat #100 Matt finish Latex Paint: Insulating vinyl acrylic house paint. Ideal for interior or exterior walls. One coat hide with ceramic porcelain durability.

  • Insulating Ceiling Paint #110 The ideal paint for brightening up interior ceilings. Dripless formulation for easy application.

  • Acousti-Coat #150 Insulating/Sound Deadening Flat Latex designed to insulate and suppress sound.

  • Hy-Tech Ceramic Satin #200 Acrylic Satin Finish House Paint, high hiding, self cleaning, easy soap and water cleanup.

  • Encapsulguard #1100 an elastomeric acrylic encapsulment coating that provides an economical, effective and safe sealing of lead base paints, arsenic treated lumber and asbestos materials.

  • Super Thane #1200 Industrial Polyurethane Gloss Enamel:
    For exterior or interior use on surfaces where a durable, high gloss enamel finish is desired.
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